It is important to care for your pet’s teeth as over 80% of dogs and cats suffer with gum disease before they are 3 years old!!
There are different methods available to help care for your pets teeth.
Brushing is one of these methods.
It is important to slowly introduce brushing ideally from a young age as your pet will see this as part of their routine. The first step is to introduce this gradually, this can be done by letting your pet lick the toothpaste off the toothbrush.
NEVER use human toothpaste as it is poisonous to your pet!!

Watch Max, one of our nurse’s puppies demonstrating how to introduce brushing

Once your pet is happy to use a toothbrush, gently lift their top lip so you can see their teeth, and begin brushing. This method will take time and patience.
Please note that this method of oral hygiene won’t suit all pets. Other methods include adding plaque reducing supplements into food/water, dental chews and toys.

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