Coco the Bergamascos visited our Llanelli branch to have a vulva mass removed. Her procedure was successful and Coco has now fully recovered

Fun Facts about Bergamascos!!

  • This large sized breed was originally used as a herding dog in the Italian Alps
  • Bergamascos have an unusual felted coat which comprises of three layers of coarse, water resistant hair.
  • The coat colour is common in variations of merle, silver grey or coal black – colours which may have served as effective camouflage in the mountains from where the breed originates.

What a beautiful dog. We don’t see many like that around. X

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Bergamascos called Coco at haven vets
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Kevin is Pet of the Month

Kevin is Pet of the Month

Kevin has had to have intensive surgery and post operative care after breaking his radius – but who would know?!