He is a 5 year old Birman cat. He came to us after his owner noticed he was off his food a little. Carson tested positive for pancreatitis and so this was initially treated.

When Carson didn’t show much improvement further tests were done and 24 hours later we performed an exploratory laparotomy where we open the body to examine Carson’s abdomen. We found that his stomach was severely stretched and distended!

When an incision was made into the stomach it became evident what the issue had been. Carson had formed an extreme accumulation of hair which had completely filled and blocked the stomach!!

Birman cat at Haven Vets

We were able to remove this large fur ball from his stomach (which if you have a strong stomach you can watch the video!!)

I’m so happy to say he made a speedy recovery and was eating as soon as he came around from the procedure! Carson is doing extremely well and is now on medication and a strict diet to help stop the formation of furballs.

I think we should enter Carson into the Guinness book of records for the largest furball ever formed!!!! So happy he is doing well

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