The surface of the eye is known as the cornea. In both cats and dogs it can quite often become ulcerated as a result of trauma, infection or an underlying illness.

Signs that maybe associated with a corneal ulcer are pain, a yellow discharge and overproduction of tears. They maybe head shy and show other symptoms such as lethargy and inappetance.

Whenever we suspect a corneal ulcer, a dye is applied to the surface of the eye that sticks to the damaged area of the cornea.

Eye ulcer in dog with fluorescein stain showing ulcer on cornea at haven vets

Here you can see this dog had a large central ulcer which healed without complications after a course of eye drops.

Any eye condition should always be treated very quickly as they can progress rapidly.

Sam is my 17 year old tortoise shell cat who visits Susie and her team at the Haven Vets regularly with a long term health condition. Every time we visit the Haven Sam has excellent care and I have excellent communication from Susie and her team! Sam has lots and lots of attention from the reception staff upon arrival and also has excellent care from Susie her vet and the veterinary nurses too.

Susie spends time listening and answering any questions and concerns I may have and she is amazing at her job, and her wealth of knowledge is excellent.

Susie has a very happy and bubbly personality which I love and I can tell that she loves her job and is dedicated to all aspects of animal care. Even though everyone makes a huge fuss of Sam at the Haven she doesn’t like going there very much but I’m sure that is true for most other pets too I’m sure a lot of them react in the same way 😊

I would personally give the Haven a 10/10 rating for the way they respect and treat their innocent little patients and their owners of course!!

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