Systems we have in place to keep both our staff and our clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appointment information:

We remain open at our main Llanelli branch between the hours of 8am-6:00pm Mon-Fri and Sat 9am-12pm. If you are a client at another branch please contact us at Llanelli and we will endeavour to help.

An appointment only system reserved for emergency and urgent cases is in process at our Llanelli surgery. This is to decrease non-urgent travel and the number of clients attending the practice at any one time to ensure social distancing rules are able to be adhered to with ease.

We are offering video and telephone consultations as an alternative option (as an alternative to face-to-face consultations, where deemed necessary by the vet)

If attending the surgery please remain in your car and notify us of your arrival by phone. If you are on foot please again notify your arrival via phone and then kindly wait at the front of the surgery keeping a 2 metre distance from other clients/staff.

When the vet is ready to see your animal a member of staff will come and get him/her from you. The vet may then contact you via phone to ask further questions regarding your animals condition if necessary.

To facilitate social distancing, we ask you to place cats in cat carriers in front of you on the ground and step back for us to collect when your animal is ready to be seen. We will request that puppies be placed into one of our wire baskets by you allowing us to collect them again from a safe distance. Staff members will wear gloves to accept dog leads from those coming in for their appointment.

When the vet has examined your animal they will then come out to your car and advise on findings and the plan for treatment going forward at a 2 metre distance.

During the time your animal is inside with us we ask you to remain in your car, if you have not travelled by car then please maintain a safe distance from all other clients/staff.


To minimise contact we kindly ask our clients to make payments after the consultation has taken place or for any medication you receive over the phone using a card.

Repeat prescriptions:

We ask for at least 48 hours notice for any repeat medication.

As our call volume is so high during this time with staff numbers lower than normal we encourage our clients to make orders online for any repeat medication. This is an easy service to use and qualifies you for 5% off the medication you order in this way. Please click here to make an order.

If you are attending the surgery to collect repeat prescriptions please phone to notify us of your arrival and we will bring the medication out to you.

Any medication will be brought to you in a container which we will place on the floor and step back 2 metres to allow you to collect it from the container safely.

Delivery service:

During this time we are offering a delivery service for essential medication. This service is only available to the vulnerable that are self isolating. Please contact us to see if you qualify for this.

All these protocols we have put in place to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission between both staff and clients.


Thank you and keep safe.